Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just iron it!!!

Which girl doesn’t want poker straight hair? Not even a single strand of hair out of place and the comb just cascades along the hair. We girls can go to any extremities to just feel good. I remember when I was a little girl and my hair has always been wavy. I would bolt my room and would straighten my hair and my mum would say, Wow ! today your hair is looking so straight. But I never told her what went behind that door.

I knew then what I was doing was damaging my hair but still the happiness I got by straightening my hair: priceless. Many years have passed and I now I am in possession of a straightener and my mom scolds me for doing damage to my hair.

So here I am , telling you how to get straight hair. Only the strong hearted girl can take these extreme steps to get the straight look. J

For this you would need : a towel, comb and a flat iron.

A flat iron is essential because the heat distribution on its surface is even. And the fancy steam iron is big no. You don’t want bits of your hair to be steamed out.

Now , first of all you should test your iron on some other cloth so see whether the heating is stable or not. Once I took my friend’s iron and directly attacked on my hair and unfortunately it was a defected one and I burnt my hair. That burning smell I is still etched in my memory. So, you wouldn’t want that happening to you.

Brush your hair and remove the tangles.  If you have long hair , you can spread your hair on the bed. Now with the help of the comb , take some hair. Now the towel should be on the backside of the hair and iron on the top. We use a towel as the iron is very hot and we need a base so that we can put pressure and glide the iron through the hair.

To get best results, you should hold the towel as well as the iron very tightly. Repeat this for the rest of the hair. And get poker straight hair and dance your way in the mirror.

Don’t wash your hair for the next few days because water will ruin your straight hair.

Caution: Always keep the iron away from your face otherwise you can get burnt.

A very warm thanks to sunsilk for making me re-live my craziness of childhood.

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